About Us

QUANTA Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2009 by three engineers with industry experience in materials and building products. The product concept for low-e storm windows dates back to the late 1990’s. In the early 2000’s, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) funded research which demonstrated that highly engineered storm windows could incorporate many of the same technological advancements being offered in new windows. Most importantly, these high-tech storm windows could provide equivalent and sometimes even better performance as compared to replacement windows, and typically at a substantially lower cost. As buildings account for approximately 49% of the total energy consumed in the United States, the DOE was seeking to find innovative approaches to reduce building energy use, especially for older buildings where the existing windows would not or could not be replaced.

In 2009, QUANTA Technologies was founded with a mission and a passion to bring this technology to the market. The young company designed and launched their first product, the QUANTAPANEL 500 Series Architectural Low-e Storm Window System. The initial product offering integrated architectural features and performance technology into the old fashioned storm window, and for the first time ever, gave consumers the ability to retain their original windows while achieving nearly equivalent performance to that of a modern replacement window.

In 2011, QUANTA introduced the QUANTAPANEL 600 Series Insulating Glass System. This product, with its unique, patented design installs on the interior of existing windows. Unlike interior panels that are made of either plastic or glass that need to be removed for fresh air access, the QUANTAPANEL 600 Series has operable sashes (for fresh air ventilation). Architecturally speaking, this system provides performance without detracting from the original window: “They are almost invisible, the windows virtually merge in with the original wood that you have. It looks natural. That makes a huge difference that you’re seeing the original windows that were built in the house.” — Ray Greenwald.

Through continued engineering and design enhancements, QUANTA’s products now feature a broad array of performance benefits including energy savings, comfort, condensation reduction and noise reduction; and are available in a number of different styles and with a broad color palette to suit even the most discriminating home owner and architect. The QUANTAPANEL Architectural Low-e Storm Window System has been specified and used throughout the U.S. in an extensive portfolio of buildings including single family homes, multifamily apartment buildings, commercial, historic properties and adaptive reuse projects.

The use of architectural storm windows has become a growing trend in the remodeling and historic restoration industries. QUANTA continues to pursue advancement in product technology, and be a leader in this field. QUANTA led a DOE-funded field study from 2010-2013 demonstrating the benefits of low-e storm windows, is a founding member of the AERC (Attachment Energy Rating Council), and is supporting efforts by the U.S. EPA to develop an EnergyStar® label for this new product category.

Nearly two thirds of single family homes and over one half of the commercial buildings in the U.S. have windows which are not energy efficient by today’s standards. QUANTAPANEL technology gives building owners an economical option to maintain their existing windows while still providing all of the energy and comfort benefits which were formerly only available in new replacement windows.

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