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Commercial buildings present unique requirements from a window perspective, whether a large multi-use building, a store front or stand alone structure.  Save energy, reduce noise, or improve a section of a building without altering the exterior façade.

The QUANTAPANEL 600 Series provides a building owner with the option of upgrading the window performance in a portion of the building, without impacting the exterior.  Improvements can be made to satisfy tenant-specific requirements, or can be managed as an improvement with lease renewal.

Lancaster General Hospital (Lancaster, PA) installed the QUANTAPANEL 610-LP IGS (interior, low profile, fixed panel) on the interior of a building being retrofit for administrative office space.  The building’s existing single-glazed windows remained in place with no noticeable difference on the exterior.  The newly remodeled office space provided state-of-the art window performance in terms of energy, comfort and acoustical performance.


West Chester Office Building (West Chester, PA) this low-rise, suburban office building had inconsistent temperatures throughout the building, due in large part to the performance of the existing windows.  The building owner installed the QUANTAPANEL®602-PW IGS (interior, fixed panel), initially in a portion of the building.  They were sufficiently pleased with the results, and as a result decided to outfit the balance of the building.


Jean McHale Design (Easton, MD) operates in a store-front location in a designated historic district in Easton, MD.  The owner selected the QUANTAPANEL® 504-DH IGS (exterior, operable) in a custom color that matched the vibrant color of the existing building trim.  The installation required the advanced approval of the local Historic Architectural Review Board.  The firm is well-established architectural interior design firm for estate properties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.


Valley Green Inn (Philadelphia, PA) this historic restaurant is located in Wissahickon Park in Chestnut Hill.  The Owner needed a solution to improve the performance of the original wood windows in order to ensure that guests dining in the restaurant during the cooler months would be comfortable.  The QUANTAPANEL 602-PW IGS (interior, fixed panel) was installed throughout the building, providing state-of-the art window performance while maintaining the beauty of the original windows.

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