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Commercial High Rise

Commercial High Rise

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Renovation and upgrading of high rise residential properties continues to experience growth.   The benefits of the QUANTAPANEL System in high rise applications include energy savings, comfort and reduction in exterior noise transmission.

French Apartments (New York City, NY) this multifamily property undertook a major energy improvement project in 2013 which included the installation of the QUANTAPANEL® 605-DH IGS (operable, double hung, interior).  The project objective was to achieve a 38% energy reduction, a major portion of that improvement being realized by reduced air infiltration and enhanced thermal properties in the existing windows.  A prototype test of the QUANTAPANEL® 605-DH IGS demonstrated an Effective Leakage Area (ELA) reduction of 77 – 95% over windows with and without AC units. This translated into an estimated 30% reduction of air infiltration in the overall building.


777 Main Street (Hartford, CT) this 26 story tower, built in 1969, was the former world headquarters for the Hartford National Bank.  It has been repurposed into a 295,000 SF residential building with 285 units.  The existing windows are large monolithic glass retained within the exposed aggregate structure of the exterior façade. The building owner targeted LEED Platinum certification with a goal of achieving 45% higher energy efficiency than code requirements. The interior low-e glass system developed for this property is a key contributor to the energy performance improvement.


111 4th Avenue (New York City, NY) this Greenwich Village full-service loft co-op building was developed by Teitelbaum Holdings.  Each floor has 11 different units with 13’ 6” ceilings and 10-ft high windows. Under a program implemented by the Co-op Board, individual residents have opted to install the QUANTAPANEL® 600 IGS (interior). In addition to the drastic improvement in energy and comfort, the QUANTAPANEL® 600 Series has provided residents with a substantial reduction in exterior noise.


The Umbrella Works (Lancaster, PA) this 1892 structure was once home to the largest U.S. manufacturer of umbrellas.  It was converted into an 83 unit apartment building in 1986.  In an energy retrofit in 2011, the Owner selected the QUANTAPANEL 600 Series (interior installation) to improve energy and comfort, while retaining the original historic windows on the building.

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