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Retaining the beauty, color, and craftsmanship of the original windows will maintain or enhance the value of your property.  So keep the windows and add the technology.

The original windows, which exist on most older American homes, are in many cases consistent with the original architecture of the home.  This can be readily observed, especially if you frequent the older, more established and often revitalized residential sections of cities and towns throughout North America.

Research has consistently shown the economic benefit realized by properties residing within historic districts.  Simply put, maintaining the original character of a home has a favorable impact on the property’s value and appreciation.  The same can be said for properties existing outside of a historic district; property improvements that are architecturally consistent are prudent investments.

Some homeowners have been tempted to replace the original windows with modern replacement windows because that was viewed as the only option to achieve improved window performance in terms of energy, comfort and air infiltration.  Thanks to the advent of architectural low-e storm windows, consumers now have the option of retaining the original window and adding the benefits of modern window technology.  The economic benefit can be substantial: a lower cost investment (as compared to complete window replacement), reduced operating cost (utility bills) and the ability to maintain the property’s value.